Totally against our will, in provisional execution of sentence and pending the ruling of appeal, we are forced to change the name of our restaurant.
From now on Pahissa del Mas Pou will be called Pahissa del Mas …
The Mas Pou, located in the Molinet district, 16 of Pals, already consists dated to the year 1352. This farmhouse is owned by our family for seven generations and currently we have lived three generations. Now we have created the Pahissa del Mas Pou restaurant.
For those who are no longer there, for those who live there and for future generations, we are struggling to keep the name of our house with the historical and sentimental burden that this entails.
My husband, Jordi Vallespi Pie and myself, Rosa Maria Pericay Fàbregas, on behalf of the whole family, would like to thank all the support received.
Thank you very much to everyone!

Pahissa del Mas ...

Welcome to Pahissa del Mas …, a restaurant located in Pals, in the heart of Empordà. Every corner of the Pahissa del Mas Restaurant … has been lovingly renovated, where the soul of the former owners, Josep i Tresita, is breathed.

Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience for the senses!


An elaborate Letter that changes every season to offer the best products of the market and the freshest products.

A blend of unique flavors for the senses!

The chef

The cuisine of Jordi Vallespí’s hand, with a long and recognized culinary career, which respects all the products in its essence, always being of the utmost proximity.

The Masia

The old family house, the Mas Pou de Pals, a beautiful 14th-century house owned by the Pericay family has served as a nest to give life to this new culinary and family project.


The restaurant Pahissa del Mas … is born of a project full of enthusiasm that is reflected in every detail of the dishes and the restaurant. We take care of the gastronomic offer to offer a unique menu that mixes traditional products with new and creative flavors.