Cuisine seen through the eyes of today

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The reinterpretation of classic dishes that make the Pahissa Mas Pou encourage us to return.

This is the first winter that this restaurant has been added to the openings that have made a new magnet poles gastronomic Lower Emporda. At the top there is Vallespí Jordi, chef having gone through Reno house premiere, Jean Luc Figueras, La Tour d’Argent Paris, Pau Mas i Mas de Torrent.

Day Surprises

“I practice a rebirth of classical cuisine understood as Cuisine” says Vallespí. A quick reading of a letter full of regional names confirmed: Albons carrot, oyster and bacon Iberian Louis; camaroli Rice of Pals, Palamos prawns and monkfish (their rice because it hears and good); dessert sweet sausage with apple Torroella …

We ask the chef what every dish identifies and responds to most is the sausage and scallop sausage, cabbage, apple and ginger soup. A bold reinterpretation of traditional elements such as the one with chicken and shrimp, which links traditional spirit and technique today.

A very close

Not only recipes, and many ingredients are empordanesos. The dinner is La Bisbal.


Chef Jordi Vallespí and his wife, Rosa M. Pericay, made from an old barn of her family her new restaurant.


If you like rice and stews life, but not to surrender to rediscover them otherwise.


For whom the idea of ​​a modern kitchen equivalent technical exhibitionism. Here, technology is at the service of flavor. Bravo!