Interview with Jordi Vallespí

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This month we have the pleasure to interview Jordi Vallespí, chef Pahissa Mas Well, that explains his journey into the world of Hospitality. 

How did the chef Jordi?

I come from family of Hospitality and have always had a huge interest in the kitchen.

What kind of cooking do you do?

Cuisine committed to my country and constantly evolving.

What is most passionate about gastronomy?

Aprende continuously.

And the least?

The time it takes me to be with my family.

Offering Pahissa Mas Pou and what is your favorite dish?

Product offers a menu with continuous movement and I think a family restaurant and charming. I have a favorite dish, each dish is something special for me.

Your culinary benchmark?

My references are the chefs that I have encountered throughout this journey, I learned a lot of them and many of the great figures of the kitchen.

Do you think that everything is invented gastronomy?

No, because there is a daily trends.

What do you want to convey your kitchen?

Passion, craft and sincerity.

What are your future projects?

Getting the Pahissa Mas Pou is a culinary benchmark.

And finally, what do you think of TotOci?

A magazine empordanesa integrated territory with a large advocacy of the earth and the earth.

Profession: Cook / Hobbies: sport and reading / Education: School Catering & Lodge Barcelona