Pahissa del Mas

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Rarely opening a restaurant unfolds like so many expectations that occurred with the opening of Pals Pahissa restaurant Mas Pou. It is known that all communication agencies typically deploy artillery media so that the media talk about it and, therefore, let customers learn a new specific proposal. 

But in this case it was not. Once the work on the barn, the Pahissa Mas family Mas Pou, Jordi Vallespí and his wife, Rosa Maria Pericay, opened as if this space had been a restaurant of life, waiting for customers friends and approached the kitchen and learn to take advantage to see the renovations completed.

But here there has never been a restaurant and although the chef Jordi Vallespí shadow is very long and a currrículum amazed that any culinary chronicler, the Pahissa Mas Pou opened four months ago without any noise and an undeniable success.

Jordi Vallespí a child has sucked from the world of cooking. It comes from a family of restaurateurs and Sant Cugat del Valles has had to fend working weekends being able to afford education itself. He studied at the School of Hospitality of Barcelona and began a journey through various restaurants to earn a living but, above all, keep learning and evolving as a chef.

Surprising the spectacular level restaurant where it happened: the Reno of Barcelona, under the direction of chef Xavier Ramis; the classic and extraordinary Le Tour d’Argent in Paris; But the Mas Pau Sacristà Xavier Ruscalleda and finally, Mas Torrent, Jordi Garrido and lately with Peter and Fiona Puigdevall Planagumà Les Cols also the Mas de Torrent.

He wants to do cooking and caps, cook, kitchen with bowls, where the product is respected, where executions are accurate and controlled cooking with little utilization of modern techniques and the apparent simplicity spend many hours sieve working plate. The Cuiàs of patience, some say! For without patience and love for the product that makes cooking impossible to Jordi Vallespí.

With excellent value for money, at an average price menu at 35 € 40 and € 44 tasting menu, the kitchen of the Pahissa Mas Pou us to a classic kitchen but totally contemporary and evolved where we will eat anything that has not been designed and created by the chef; gets yes, influences of different restaurants where happened.

A kitchen staff, a commitment to quality and above all sincerity. Do not cheat the customer is one of the milestones that have marked the DNA, the chef of 42 years.

Thus I tasted a wonderful Royal crabs, a natural evolution of the typical seafood cream, which I vaguely remember a technique used to make your Les Cols Royal mushrooms and almonds.

Balanced, where lack saffron and some touches of citrus that gives the orange. Fantastic Carrot Albons, and Louis Oyster foil Iberian bacon, which seems to want to spoil a great oyster represents a pump taste in the palate, with a powerful deep greens. Beware the sausage meat sausage with Vieri with a great bowl of soup topped with apple, smoothness and elegance of the highest degree.

A rap coated with teriyaki sauce, breadcrumbs and mushrooms is the prelude to discover one of the great dishes on the menu of Pahissa Mas Pou, potatoes stuffed with veal tail accompanied by watercress and chilli oil, which gives a smooth spicy potato calling. Great setting and extremely well executed. God!

Maybe I miss the tasting menu a dish of rice, being the place that we are, but I am sure it will come. To offer perfect service and therefore wants everything is under control, it can dominate, and perhaps today the tasting menu this dish could destrobar rhythm.

The reception and room service, led by Rosa Maria Pericay is another important legs. Rosa Maria, in part, has personally ordered the restaurant’s decor selecting all objects, which includes the magnificent dishes (crockery appreciate how easy to eat, fleeing slate and glass with waves!) Of a craftsman ceramics Peratallada. Perfect!

A kitchen sincere territory, a personal commitment of a chef who wants to continue to evolve the bases just to settle Pahissa Mas Pou. Which opened four months ago and surprising creativity and desire to show everything that is possible. Beside the Pericay Rosa Maria and their two children in a house where the kitchen overlooking the rice fields of Pals and the Montgrí Jordi Vallespí happy. And, therefore, it makes everyone happy customers.